I’m on Strike, on Facebook Strike

For all of those who are wondering, I’m on Facebook strike. My plan is to stop using Facebook and this far I have managed to do just that.

I have logged out from Facebook, cleared all Facebook cookies from my computer, have not again logged into this tool and plan not to. I have not installed Facebook app on my phone (have not done that before either).

We will see how well this goes in the near future.


And as I have already heard couple of times the question why is this, here’s some insight into this:

  • I have been admin in couple of Facebook groups and especially those that are open and English ones there is too many people trying to sell stuff from sunglasses to their motorbikes. In my mind these groups have not been about selling stuff, but sharing ideas/news etc.
  • On average in these groups that I have been part of there is some 10-20 fake accounts registered every day. Mostly advertising some bulk stuff or other Facebook groups/pages etc.
  • There has been so much talk about that Facebook is tracking which sites people are using and selling that information to advertisers. I do not like that idea.
  • During the past months that I have been thinking this and seeing how I and other people I follow use Facebook I have found out that there is absolutely zero added value to me. People are asking same stuff all over again, sharing same or similar videos, fighting over some stupid things etc. I think I ended up adding over 100 persons/applications into my blocked list in Facebook just to clean most stupid things from it.
  • Technical issues. I just hate videos playing automatically. Could not really understood why they introduced this feature. This was a major deal breaker for me.
  • I don’t really trust Facebook as a company to keep my stuff private. After all, it is a company getting their money out from content I share, actions I do. What do I get out from all of that?
  • What is the point of Facebook? I never actually got why I should be there, why I should read or post there. Mostly it was because lots of my friends were using it, kind of social pressure for me to start using it as well. Now I move the pressure away from me!


So in the future, don’t expect to find me in Facebook. I might return or then again, I might not.

Please use the e-mail, phone, Skype, Google Talk (or whatever that is now called, chat anyhow) or Apple Messages to get in touch with me. Any other media besides Facebook is fine. I can be followed through my blog, in the future will post more often there what I do, where I am and not only the travel stuff I have been doing with my motorbike.

Happy times with Facebook Strike!