Day 21 Restart of the journey

Day started early, I had clock waking me up at 05:00, quick shower and off I go. Anne was still almost sleeping…

At 06:05 I had everything on the bike and engine running. Plan was to drive as close to Iran border as possible using D-400 road.

IMG_1574 IMG_1740

Beginning was the same as before towards Antalya, after that excellent highway but then road started going around some mountains and mileage stopped running. It was soon pretty clear that I could not drive the 1600km to the border, but something less than that.

IMG_1742 IMG_1743

At some point I hit even bigger highway, some 450km excellent driving at 130km/h so that took me a bit further.j

At end of day I had driven 1062km in 14 hours, not that bad. Decided to take an early night when darkness arrived, found hotel just as ordered.

I still have some driving to do Team 1 & Team 2 are already very close to each other:

Distance between Team 1 & 2: 553 km
Distance between Team 1 & 3: 3325 km
Distance between Team 2 & 3: 2960 km

Above can be seen in

This was the route:


Whole route looks now like this


5924km in total. And actually some extra as I visited Antalya to get my bike service.

My family is now back in Espoo, Finland. Arrived a bit late due to issues with the plane. But anyway are now safely back home.