BMW R1200GSA with PowerCommander and dual O2 sensor for AutoTune

Already last year I was driving with AutoTune on my bike, but it was only with single O2 sensor. After dyno runs I took my bike last year maps looked like this.

During the last winter I decided to upgrade it to have two O2 sensors, one for each cylinder.

Both cylinders originally received same map and also compared to last year I also changed air/fuel mixture a bit.

On the way to Turkey we were two bikes, mine is 2009 and other one was 2007 GSA with slip-on installed with KAT removed (I have also Akrapovic 2-1-2 full racing exhaust + K&N air filter). When comparing fuel consumption there was very little difference, depending on the road some ½-1 liters for each 500 km so nothing.

Now after driving some 20tkm with these two O2 sensors installed I have now these maps:



So yes, there are some difference on cylinders, not much but there is.

Compared to last year, bike runs even smoother than before, especially when going slow on though roads.