Heading for the Gold! BB1500 Gold!

As summer is getting closer, it is time to start planning for the first motorcycle trips.

Now with brand new Öhlins suspensions installed on my BMW K1200LT can’t wait to get On the Road!

First trip is going to be fun one: We start on May Day Eve 30th of April from Turku with a ferry and once arrived in Stockholm on Labor Day morning, we head straight out to selected starting point.

Our goal is to drive BB1500 Gold Iron Butt ride which means in our case 2469 km driving in 24 hours or less.

We drive from Stockholm via Denmark to Hannover Germany and back.

This is how the route will look:


All stops are not yet verified, but they look to be quite close what they are going to be in practice.

After driving 24 hours we should be back in Stockholm in good time to catch the ferry back to Turku and Finland on Saturday morning.

We are driving in a group of 4 bikes, but there will be couple of other groups starting to drive together with us on the same time.