Way to Home from Rota 2008 – Day 8

After getting out from the ferry in the morning at the Turku harbor, police was waiting everybody who was driving out from the ferry and they measured alcohol level for all the drivers. No issues for us so just heading towards Espoo and home using the fastest route.

Only 150 kilometers to drive which took us 1½ hours. Back home at 9:30 in the morning! Strange feeling to drive again in Finland, we had been over 4 weeks now On the Road…

This the route we took:


No stops on the way, just driving.

Once I got back to home, just took all the stuff out and went directly to local BMW dealer in Espoo to show my bike.

They took it in and after inspections the issue looked to be just to to tighten it again! So issue fixed, now hopefully for another 40 000 kilometers!

Next is to get my bike under work, wash it and change all the oils again, air, oil and fuel filters and to wait for the next chance to get On the Road!