Search for an alternative RSS reader has ended

As Google is shutting down its services, it was time to find an alternative way to exploreimage internet news.  Have been totally happy with this, been using it daily when commuting to work & back home via my mobile phone and at home using via browser on my laptop so I’m a bit sad that this comes to an end.

I was trying to find an good alternative for it, a one that would work on browser but was not really able to find one that would work the way I was used to use it.

At one point of time I was already thinking of developing one on my own, but decided to abandon that – at least for now.

I was also trying out how Internet Explorer’s RSS reader works, but soon discovered that I was not able to use that as it was only working for me on one computer at a time and as I use ~3 computers pretty much daily it was not able to synchronize these changes across computers.

But then it hit me. Outlook has RSS reader settings, would that work for me? Quick search and trying it out and there it was! I’m back in business!

Now I have an RSS reader that works across computers that I use and I’m able to be in sync between all of these! So for now my problem is solved for computer. This solution does not work on my mobile, but on that I’m not that worried about, I can live with this solution – for now.

Might be that in the coming months I start thinking again my own solution for this area, but not yet.

This was again an real warning, that these free services are not there for good, cannot really count that they work.

So Google, many thanks for letting me know on time that your services cannot be trusted to work!