Day 06: Towards Montenegro

Breakfast was set to start at 7:30, but I finished work a bit late so just before 08:00 headed towards breakfast.

And what a selection of everything there was, lots of small things just waiting to be tasted!


By 09:00 I was all set to go again and as I was packing, noticed that there was one other Finnish vehicle parked as well. So someone else was there as well from Finland!


Driving through North Macedonia was a breeze, few tolls to pay, but for some reason every other did not accept my credit card so they just let me drive through… I believe this was due to the fact that my card had both credit and debit options and they did not just know which button to press when it was asking which one to choose…

Albanian border was an easy one, not much queue and even that I just jumped to the first.

Albanian side was an excellent ride with GSA, just perfect ones which small roads in bad condition. Cars were struggling a lot and trying to circulate around all holes, but with GSA, more gas!

Once I got to the coast line, roads were getting better and more cars also on the roads. Not many other bikers seen on the road.

Border to Montenegro had big queue of cars which I just passed and went into first of queue and quickly through. Road I had on my navigator brought me into really small road more uphill than were other cars were driving and there I saw also quite a lot of other bikers.

After a while I arrived into Budva and hotel Fontana & Gastronomy. Had some trouble finding the place as my navigator did not exactly recognize the address correctly and needed to open my phone to see how the hotel looked like and I found it some 50m away from where the navigator brought me.

Nice view from the balcony:


First things first, so some coffee and washing dirty clothes:


And a walk around the neighborhood to see what Budva has to offer:


A local biker bar just in front of our hotel and these two bikes in front of it. Left one got all the pictures…


This day was 398 km in 7 hours.


Total for the trip is now 2981 km.


Anne will be arriving tomorrow and we will spend a next week in Budva.