Final Plan for the Summer of 2016

This summer is going to be celebration summer, I have been doing 10 years these longer motorcycle trips.

So this time need to have something to remember and the plan is to visit Mongolia.


Some >15 000 km of road waiting for me!

Will take my GSA for the trip and planning has now started. Need to plan the route in more detail and I’m trying to void the main roads I have driven before.

First gears already ordered – new set of tires. Will try Heidenau K60 Scout how they perform on my usage.

Next one to think of is cooking, will need to see if my old trangia will be on this trip or if I purchase something smaller. I do not really plan to cook anything else but water on the way, so some Jetboil model would be perfect on this trip.

Other than these I have already decided to buy a new motorcycle outfit and then I’m pretty much done. Everything else I already have ready and waiting from previous trips.

Time for the trip to start is either around Mid Summer or then late May, directly from my trip to Spain. But this I need to see, might be that I will indeed come via home, do bike maintenance and also take the stuff for this trip as on trip to Spain I do not need tent and cooking stuff – among others.