Replanning Summer of 2016

Started digging into more details for my coming summer and right now it looks like I’m heading first to Spain and then directly from there to Mongolia without driving through Finland.

This allows me some more flexibility into my timetable, but I must also plan what I will take with me when I leave from Finland.

Mileage will be so huge (almost 30tkm) that I will need to carry spare tires with me as well. Not that it would be first time for doing that:


Roughly the route looks like this now. Not every detail in there as Google Maps does not route through all roads I want and I’m not doing a full plan ahead but day by day when I progress along the route.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.52.07

I have already got new driving boots (Alpinestars Toucan) and still waiting for my suite to arrive (BMW Rallye Suite 2016):

BMW Rallye Suite 2016

After that I pretty much have all I need to purchase for my trip.