On The Road, Day 1

Time to summarize our day trips.

Me and my bike, Ready to go in Espoo Me and Kari ready to go in Helsinki

Our first day trip was 2656 kilometers according to Microsoft Autoroute 2007, but there is one possible error (point number 4) where our gas station receipt and GPS coordinates are giving us an location which is not really on our route… need to figure out what has happened…

We started 7:24 in the morning from Tallinn and started driving either Iron Butt SS1000 or BB1500 and now when looking back it seems that we got 2500K.

Kari's Suzuki Hayabusa travel packing in Piacenza, Italy.

Roads were in pretty excellent during the whole trip, except small parts in Via Baltic route. Italy was the one that we do not miss, hands are even now after few days we stopped driving still hurting the fact that you can not release your hands from the bike, it is illegal over there! When looking at other bikers this really looks to be something that they obey, no local bikers were waving their hands, everybody was keeping them on the bike.

Route, Day 1