GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSUPA

After my not so successful trial with
GlobeTrotter GT MAX “7.2 Ready”
on my Vista64, I finally received a new
card: GlobeTrotter

Once plugged onto my laptop, it started installing drivers and software and after
a while I saw this:


Looks very promising! No more issues on installing drivers, this time the default
ones inside the card seem to do the trick. No problems installing drivers and there
should not be if the hw is supported on these.

GlobeTrotter connect seems to be 2.2 version which did not have GlobeTrotter GT
MAX “7.2 Ready” Vista64 drivers, but for this HSUPA drivers seems to work.


Now I just need to wait the card to find network, which seems to take quite a while,
not finding it too fast. It has been on the search mode now for few good minutes…


… but eventually it found it! And it looks to work as well!

Finally, a working 3G card found. No idea what’s the real difference between this
and the previous card is, but at least it looks like using all the bandwidth available.

I’m happy user again.