Way to Rota 2008, Day 7

This would be our final driving day, we had still 600 kilometers driving for this day, but TomTom was suggesting only 6 hours of driving we had no hurry.

In the morning we already booked hotel in Jerez which was the city where our families would be flying into. Hotel was just 10 minutes away from the airport.

When booking the hotel we saw that in the hotel there should be Sauna available, but as we entered the hotel, they said that Sauna was under repair. What a disappointment.

On the nigh after having something to eat we started looking into our bikes and noticed two things:

  • Suzuki Hayabusa’s chains where about to be gone, they were making lot of noise and jumping when driving on low speed.
  • On my BMW K1200LT rear wheel there was some weird scratches inside it and after looking it closer it looked like rear wheel drive shelter was able to make contact it! Had to find a repair shop for it

This was the route we took: