Summer 2008

Our plan for the summer 2008 is getting clearer, way down to Spain, Rota is now pretty much planned.

We have now reserved an evening ship on Wednesday 2nd of July at 21:30 to Tallinn, will be arriving there before midnight and start driving immediately from there.

Our first stop will be Budapest, Hungary on Thursday evening which is ~1700 kilometers from Tallinn and we will get on the way one SS1000 Iron Butt ride. This will be our sixth ride.

From Budapest we start taking it slowly and drive via the Alps so that we have 4-5 days time for that before taking the last bit and drive down to Rota.

Few things to see on the Alps St. Moritz (to see World of Whisky) and La Bonette. Other than that we just enjoy driving ~2000 kilometers through the Alps from east to west.

After getting away from the alps we probably take another SS1000 while going south. Especially if we are stuck somewhere on the Alps.

Finally we should be in Rota, Spain on Thursday morning at 10:25. Last year we were there 10 minutes before schedule, this year we should do pretty much the same!

Here's the map of our current state of mind which route we will take down: