Why I reverted back to stock rom from cyanogen(mod)?

This week I was fed up waiting for fix to battery drain that was happening with my mobile phone and since people had been telling that www.cyanogenmod.com had returned their phone back to normal I decided to give it a try.

CyanogenMod - CyanogenMod Android Rom

First rooted my Android phone and then installed CyanogenMod 7.1. This version looks fancy and includes lots of cool stuff missing from stock rom. Much more customization that can be done for the phone and one important feature I missed from years of using Nokia: Profiles.

But, after playing with it I noticed couple of annoying things:

  1. E-mails sent by our DotNetNuke were not showing up correctly. Text on those was constantly just scrolling down the screen when reading those!
  2. E-mails from Hotmail account were downloaded as plain text, in my current Android version 2.3.5 there is option to download html version as well.
  3. On e-mail client sync schedule was gone, so instead of peak/off-peak schedule there was only one schedule.
  4. GPS was a lot slower to get a fix, it looked like it was missing the mobile network location feature
  5. Sounds. At some point all that I could hear as sound was my main ringing tone. For all sounds. No way to get rid of that.

So when adding all these together, I decided to revert back to stock rom and continue with that.

Now when I have it rooted, I have removed all non-Android apps, disabled few system services to see if I get more juice out from the battery or not. I also found a tool called System Tuner to tune system settings and have since adjusted lots of parameters to save battery. I have since disabled Google Backup Service and others to see if that makes a difference on the cpu that Android OS is consuming on my device.

Note that I do not play games so cpu speed is not that important, I mainly use e-mail client, browser and Google Reader.

Search continues while waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich for my phone, due hopefully sooner than later.