Day 26: Transit towards Georgia

I woke up again early and hoped to get breakfast as well in time, but no. It would be ready only at 08:00…

But instead of that I had a chance to see what was happening on the sky:


I counted over 30 of these between 07:00 and 08:00 while waiting for the breakfast. Hotel owner was telling me yesterday that in Göreme there were 19 companies arranging these hot balloon flights.

Nice show. I have been once before in one of these, otherwise might have attended one in here. Price was from 80€ to 190€, depending which company you choose.

This Panoramic Cave hotel was still under some building work, but this did not bother me.


Probably some pool on its way as well, some time in the future:


Finally at 08:00 I got breakfast, pretty much the same stuff I have got used to during my stay in Turkey, not much surprises waiting here either. Hotel dog was also waiting for the breakfast with me:


Finally just before 09:00 I was all set to go again.

First I had few hundred kilometers good bigger roads, did few stops just to drink and one to refuel my GSA.

Here I stopped to place where Jandarna were located on top of one mountain. When pointing the camera to their direction there started some yelling immediately…


Then I got into excellent smaller mountain roads with really nice views!


And finally I got to the last 150 kilometers which took me through really nice mountains views, but roads where totally horrible! Average speed for this last part was only 37 km/h, before that 83 km/h…


I did not have any hotel reserved for this day as I was expecting some from the last part, but finally just before the night came I managed to find a bigger town in the mountains (just in time) and an cheap hotel Baraka from Yusufeli.


Damage for this hotel was only 30 TL, not the best one I have stayed but at least I got a shower and a bed for the night. I might add something to this Lonely Planed review of this hotel… well, it was quite clean what comes to Turkish standards, but no towel, no toilet paper (good that I have that with me), smelly as everybody is smoking inside and shower was just hanging in the wall with all pipes loose.

Walked a bit to find something to eat, but as it was already quite late, all food places had closed done or they did not have anything left. I managed to find one which had some left over meat soap which I happily accepted. Soap was actually quite tasty, together with bread and water cost for it was only 7 TL.

And I was totally done for the day. Last 150 km had done its job. Every piece in my body is telling that this cannot continue anymore!

For this day I managed to drive 788 km in 12 hours.


Total for the trip is now 7428 km.


Cannot wait tomorrow when this same road continues…