Summer of 2014, The Plan

This summer has been a bit quiet on the planning side, only now I have been able to get some sort of idea what I want from this summer.

Some guidance has been set already before:

  • Route is via Tallinn
  • Malaga is one stop for few days

But everything else has been – and partly still is – quite open.

Now it looks like I will be starting my journey on June 19th. Time is still a bit open, but day is pretty much fixed.

Idea is to take it easy again, as little highways as possible and take smaller roads whenever it exists. At Malaga I will be by 28th so I have 9 days to drive ~5000km. Not that bad, can easily drive via smaller roads and enjoy!

After Malaga, some touring in southern Spain and Portugal, then to Morocco – again – and then heading back to Finland again using smaller roads.

So now I’m in packing mode, trying to find all stuff I think I will need and dump all the unneeded. Bike maintenance will have to wait for the last weekend, not much to do but go through it. Most likely I will do oil change and such on the way down to Malaga, take a ½ day off from riding.

This year I don’t have much new stuff that I would need, pretty much everything is already in place from last few trips so just need to decide what I really need and what not.

All in all, this will take some ~6 weeks On The Road again before returning to *normal* life.


SPOT link will follow to see where I’m going.