Moved away from Windows 10 into OS X (and Windows 8.1)!

I finally made my mind and moved away from Windows 10.

Had too many issues with it: Too slow, crashing apps, apps not working like they used to did with Windows 8.1 and cherry on top the OneDrive integration which works just so much better on Windows 8.1.

Last piece for this decision was that Microsoft is planning to show ads on Windows 10! Not something that I want to see on my desktop!

So now my main working environment consists from two computers:

  1. iMac 27”, an older model (mid 2010) but it has 16GB of memory and 1TB hard drive, totally capable of running 2-3VMWare images simultaneously. Speed is not 100% there, I will use this now for couple of weeks and see if I need to upgrade this one into a newer model. I have also connected into this one an external display (HP Compaq LA2405wg), I was hoping to connect two but only one connector…
  2. MacBook Pro 13”, not an new one either (late 2013) together with one external display (HP Compaq LA5405wg). Has same 16GB memory and 1TB SSD as a hard drive. I would have used this as my primary computer but this one tends to heat quite heavily when running VMWare images and connecting two external displays. This one I use also when traveling.

Good thing with this combo is that I’m now fully on Apple world which works seamlessly together with iPhone 6 Plus I’m using as well. No more sync issues with browser favorites, accounts etc. as my primary browser is Safari.

On both of these computers I’m running VMWare Fusion so that I can still continue doing software development using Microsoft tools. But instead of running Windows 10 I’m mainly using Windows 8.1 on these.

I have also two Apple Time Capsule devices as backup purposes, both of these computers are being backed up every hour when on my office network so I’m pretty secured against possible hardware failures. On Windows world there is really no similar possibility built in which is another good reason to move away from it.