TomTom Rider and limited Bluetooth usage

During our Iron Butt rides I have usually left TomTom Bluetooth connector home since it has some big limiting factors:

  1. Too short usage time, works usually only few hours
  2. Cannot be recharged and used at the same time

I decided to open up the Bluetooth dongle and see if something can be done for this.

This is what I found:

IMG_0134  IMG_0135 Internal battery labeled as AE501647P

After measuring the voltage from the internal battery I found it to be 3.7V and started thinking about replacing the internal battery with an external one which can be changed anytime and recharged on a separate charger.

After removing the internal battery connected cables to it


Reused an battery case from old toy


and taped it the joints internally


put the pieces together and final product looks like this


Not an fancy one, but now I have rechargeable 2700mAh batteries attached to the device. With these it should be lasting a lot longer and I can always switch to new ones after previous ones are finished!

Happy riding experience again!