Way to Rota 2008, Day 8

This day was just to get to the Jerez de la Frontera airport, wait for our families in there and drive to our hotel.

We did not even put our motorcycle outfit on, drove just with T-skirt and shorts.

Plane was 10 minutes ahead of schedule, we meet our families in there and started driving towards our hotel.

In our hotel we had underground parking where we got our bikes.

Once everything was in, I went to the local BMW service to show my bike. This place in Puerto de la Santa Maria did not show that big, but once looked inside it was really huge place. All the BMW motorcycle models where presented in there and I got my bike under investigations after short waiting.

And the end result was that my bike stayed in there, there was indeed something wrong with it and the guy promised to fix it for next week.

Interesting to hear the final story what had been broken in there! I had to take a taxi back to the hotel, lucky for me it was only 20 kilometers away and I had no use for the bike for next two weeks!

Our short route that we took: