BMW R1200GS Adventure before and after dyno runs

I installed during the winter Power Commander V and AutoTune module for it and been now experimenting with it.

After some cruising with zero map AutoTune suggested these changes into the base map:


After that I took the bike to dyno run to see what the actual power and torque really is.

We made 5 runs and after each run there was significant changes to the power and torque.

This is now the map that AutoTune made after these 5 full runs:


This is the final result of the last run:


So max power 102,30 and max torque 109,78.

These are now just a result of adding Akrapovic 2-1-2 Titanium Full Exhaust system, Power Commander V and AutoTune,

Sad enough I did not took the bike to dyno before these modifications…