Day 31: Working day & Autobahn!

Today I stopped for a day here in Stuttgart to make customer visit.

In the morning while I was packing the bike receptionist came to watch and was commenting that it is good that it is not going to rain today and that summer has not been really a summer in Stuttgart. Too much rain and not warm enough. How familiar that sounded…

At 08:00 started working day and once that was finished I had an evening ride to next hotel – in Berlin.

635 km in 5 hours.

But what’s there to ride on these good roads, it is just sitting on the bike, not much else to do. Sometimes do a bit steering movements… not anything like on the previous days I had been riding on these small curvy roads!


I had looked an B&B Hotel Berlin-Süd Genshagen and was happy to see that choice was excellent. Quite a new hotel, just by the autobahn and parking was in the hotel premises where the gate was closed after 22:00 and price was not that bad either.


Total for the trip is now 9635 km.


Tomorrow will be Poland and then one more night before getting back to Finland.