Day 30: Towards Germany

Had a bit of a late morning, 08:00 breakfast (which was not that amazing, but then again, this is France…) and clock was almost 09:00 before I was on the road again.


I was trying to drive some smaller roads towards Germany, but eventually I ended up on bigger ones as well. was really enjoying driving through small and bigger villages, really taking it easy. Not passing too many cars, just relaxing.

Unexpected surprise waited on the Germany side: I had picked some smaller roads just by clicking those on the map when planning the route and those brought me into very nice small mountain roads, highest peak was almost 800m high. These roads were going through some forest areas.

Eventually I got into Stuttgart, where I now end my holiday for a day to work for a day at customer site. Journey continues then tomorrow again towards Finland.

This day was quite short due to above only 429 km in 6 hours, but will bring me also very much needed day off from driving.


After this day total is now 9000 km.


Based on today, next time I’m driving through Germany, I will try to avoid Autobahn’s as much as possible. There is so much more waiting outside of these. Lots of German bikers were also on these same routes, my left hand is aching on waving all the time on them!

But tomorrow is a working day and after that home coming trip continues. Just need to decided is it through Stockholm or Tallinn where I will board the ferry – or neither.