Day 32: Towards Poland

Got decent breakfast and on the way again. Plan for today was to stay out of toll roads, which I managed to do just nicely.

As temperature was already 23 degrees, I decided to leave Gore-Tex out from my jacket. On trousers I still kept them, just in case.

Just after I got to Poland, my GPS started guiding me into very small roads that were made of stones. Really a nice one to drive through forests.


After this it was just village after village, smaller and bigger, nothing much but driving 581 km to Warsaw. Almost a straight line from Berlin.


At some point I noticed warning on the GSA’s screen: Oil level is getting low! On next traffic lights I scrolled the oil level meter into screen and after a while it showed that it was anyhow ok. Just in case need to still check this manually… On these trips I have not seen this before, might have been just an temporary issue. I still have the 0.8 liters of oil with me so in case it needs more oil I will use that.

Found Hotel Colibra easily, just by the main road I was coming to Warsaw. I had looked this already in advance, but not booked. No problem of getting room in there. This hotel had also own parking place, no additional fee on it so I did not have to leave bike anywhere by the road. Actually I got it parked right behind receptions window.


Very nice little hotel.

Total mileage for the trip after this is now 10215 km.