Blog Editor for Mac OS X Created by Accident

While I was solving my issues with blog posts using iPhone, I just realized that I had also solved my second issue: Writing blog posts using Mac OS X!

Until now I have created all my blog entries using Microsoft Live Writer, which is running in Windows 7 VMWare image.

But now by using this same solution I use for my iPhone, I post these blog entries using same method.

Solution that I created is very simple:

  1. Create blog body text and save it as Microsoft Word file
  2. Send this file as an attachment via e-mail to my blog e-mail account. Blog title is actually coming from e-mail Subject line
  3. My blog e-mail service receives e-mail, converts it into htm –file and posts new blog entry using metaweblog –api

I still need to see how well all the formatting is going through, but so far everything looks good.

And I’m no longer tied to fast network connection as I just create the post entry into e-mail and once I just get that sent out rest is handled in datacenters which have much faster network connections. I have had some issues especially when posting images when I have been behind slow network connections, but e-mail has always worked just fine.


Happy blogging again!