Summer of 2015: The Plan?

It has been very quiet on the planning side for coming summer mainly due to thoughts that I have had for one bigger trip to Africa. IMG_1825But as that scenario seems to be so that I need to discard it for the time being, have to think of something else.

Summer of 2015 will be divided into two parts:

  1. Bigger main trip for x weeks
  2. Smaller ~1 week trip in the Baltic countries with my sons

Smaller trip is a no-brainer, just have to decide when to go and book ferry tickets.

Bigger main trip is where the trouble starts.

I have been in so many places that now it is time to start doing targeted trips to deepen the view on these countries and it is simply so difficult to choose where to go first…

When writing this it looks very much so that I need to renew my visa for Russia and based on this fact I’m now starting route planning!