YARR has now been made to public preview

During the last weekend I went through all my personal feeds and compared those with Feedly account I had been using. During this process I discovered lots of feeds which

  • were no longer active (in Feedly there is no way of knowing if feed is in error or not)
  • were not being updated in Feedly at all even though they were live (not really know why as feed itself had no real errors on it)
  • were partially updated in Feedly. Some feed content had come through while some not

Personally I’m now 100% YARR user and have discarded Feedly totally. I use YARR mainly with my desktop computer, but also a lot with my mobile phone together with Safari and it works very well on both of these environments without delays and extra waits.

It simply works.

YARR can use internal account when logging in or then Google account for authentication.

To register using Google account follow these steps:

1. On Log in –page select Google –button. This will take you to Google authentication page and successful Google authentication it will redirect you to YARR


2. On YARR Register page you will need to enter an Invite at this point


Invite can be requested through Ask Invite –page:


Once you get signed in you can choose from some public list of feeds which is found from Feeds->Subscribe:


Feeds are organized into folders, so first create a folder from Feeds->Folders and select Create New.

Once there is at least one folder, through Feeds->Feeds menu option you can view your existing feeds and subscribe new feeds:


This expects folder name and XmlUrl. XmlUrl is the actual feed url and is usually found by following RSS feed icon image found on web sites.

If using Chrome as a browser by installing RSS Subscription Extension it is possible to subscribe to new feeds from webpages. At this point the URL that this extension uses with YARR is https://yarrd.azurewebsites.net/Feeds/AddNewFeedItem?url=%s . Note the %s at the end, that is where the actual feed url will be passed to YARR.