YARR with Notifications

This week has been and still is all about enabling notifications into YARR.

Plan is first to get notifications from YARR into Apple IOS devices from user selected feeds which have received new RSS feed items.

To deliver notifications route is through Azure Notification Hub with a small custom built IOS application which – at this point – is only used to receive notifications and open a browser. This will not deliver full list of RSS feed items, but simply an notification that there are unread items and will then offer user option to open browser to read these feeds.

This looks like very promising feature and will be enhanced later on to Android devices as well.

Some other enhancements as well:

  • Moving RSS feed from one folder to another
  • Capability to set feed reading style. At this point there is three different styles that user can select for RSS feed items so that they will be more visible in the feeds list when reading.


  • Lots of other styling and shaping of how applications looks like, removing not needed stylesheet files so that even less bandwidth is consumed when reading RSS feed items