First Own Bike Maintenance Behind!

Had not really tried this before, but decided to give it a try, 10 045 kilometers behind. Was not really fitting into my schedules to get the bike for some local BMW dealer for maintenance and so I decided to do it on my own.

And what a fun it was: 10 000 kilometers check. Biggest thing was to change the oil (which I have not done for any machinery in 10+ years…) and of course I had to go and get all the tools for the job. One by one as the work moved on.

First issue was to how would I get the oil drain plug removed. Did not have big enough tools… so to the shop. Price for the tool: 3.95€.

Then the next stop was how would I get the oil filter out? Of course no such tools existing on my toolbox… so to the shop again. Price for the tool: 2.95€.

But after getting these two small tools in place everything was going smoothly. Only issue I discovered was that changing oil filter is a messy job since the structure of the BMW K1200LT, next time I will have to get some more cover to protect the floor…

I also did rest of the checks that were included in the maintenance plan, nothing really special. Bigger steps are just around the corner when I get back from my summer trip, bigger 20 000 kilometer maintenance with 1 and 2 years scheduled maintenance. I think at this point I will get the bike for the dealer to change the brake fluid – at least. Rest of the stuff is doable anyhow once I just sacrifice the weekend to do that…