18 Days to go before starting the journey!

Lots of thinking and planning behind, during this and next week I will do two rounds of trial packing to see what I can carry on my bike on our trip to Rota,

Can’t wait to get On the Road!

Lot of people I have talked to on this have told that our goal to drive ~1000 kilometers per day and on the same time trying to void major highways is an impossible task, but I’m still optimistic on this and plan to try it. Also some parts of the planned route takes us to roads that we can not really keep the speed up, so we probably need to drive one or two nights through!

That should not really be that bad as long as we just get some sleep on the way as we have practiced this already during the past years while driving Iron Butt rides.

And yes – I did managed to get my flagpole mounted to my bike, will post some more pictures on that during our drive down to Spain.