My 2009 BMW R1200GS Adventure and LAMPF! error when adding Xenon lights

I have been struggling with this error now for good few weeks and finally managed to get this working.

Issue has all the time been that HID cold start amps have been too high for can bus to handle and it has been just disconnecting power from HID with error short circuit.

I started measuring how much it draws and saw that it cuts of power exactly on 6A, but once it had light on after couple of trials, hot start amps were only ~3.5A … 4.1A.

So how to get around this?

I managed to come up with an idea to power this Xenon HID lamp first from direct battery power and once engine has been running for a while, switch back to can bus power to get rid of LAMPF! warning.

And here’s how I did this:


Not a best drawing, but should show some light on what is connected to where.

Now just need to test this more, but it looks very much like it is working correctly and after engine is running and switch from direct battery power to can bus power has been done, LAMPF! warning is gone as well!