Plan for Summer of 2015

Took really long to decide where to go, but it looks like things are now getting ready for decision making.

Will leave from Finland end of this or early next week, depending when I get the flight for Anne. Destination for the trip will be an surprise for Anne, will let her know only a day or two before where to fly and when.

This holiday trip will take some 4 weeks before I’m back in Finland again.

Now starts packing and planning again, I have pretty firm list already that I just go through so this is a fast one – and most of the stuff is already on the bike from my work trip to France… just need to decide which tires to put on rear as I still have the poor TKC70 and I will get some 10 000km driving for this trip. Bike is already serviced and ready to go otherwise.

Anne will need to take the helmet with her as well so we can move around a bit more freely and do not need to rent a car over there but use my motorbike instead.