Day 23-24: Back to Benalmadena

For the morning activities had nothing really special, just taking it easy after breakfast and packing all the stuff.

At 11:30 we were ready, checked out from the Hostal Cuevas and started driving towards Benalmadena.


Not that we were in a hurry, we had smashing 12.9 km to drive for today, just to get back into Hotel Alay for two nights.

After getting to Benalmadena nothing special for that day but eating, taking sun and relaxing.


For the next day same stuff with different food.


Then on the evening Anne was leaving back to Finland, I was still left in Hotel Alay for one more night.


Once Anne left I headed back to Fuengirola to meet Janne once more and to plan next days schedule and route towards Morocco. It was past midnight when I finally got to sleep after getting back to Benalmadena, finalized the plan and got my stuff packed again.

Driving for these two days was 35 km making it total of 6308 km for the trip.


Tomorrow starts then the third phase of this trip when Janne and I are moving towards Morocco.