My BMW R1200GS Adventure

My BMW R1200GS Adventure is 2009 model which I got end of August 2009.

It came preinstalled with these:

  • Enduro packet 2 (ESA, computer, fog lights, led lights, chrome exhaust pipes)
  • BMW Alarm
  • Enduro gear
  • Side and top cases with inner bags

image image

After this I have been adding following into:

  • Autocom Super Pro Automatic with 4 bluetooth connections (Mobile phone, GSP, IPod) and support for pmr radiophone with tangent (Chainspeed) Autocom Super Pro Automatic
  • Vertex Standard VX-146 PMR radiophone
  • Bags Connection Quick-lock Electric-tankbag with 3 12V output plugs inside (R.M. Heino)Tankbag
  • Power output for Gerbing heated jacket
  • Power input for battery charger
  • Driver seat X-Low (Touratech)


  • Akrapovic 2-1-2 Titanium Full Exhaust system (Motorworks)
  • Garmin zūmo 590
  • Handlebar bracket for Garmin Zumo 590, lockable (Touratech)untitled
  • GPS Bracket Adapter (Touratech)


  • Oil Cooler Grills (Ölkühlerschutzgitter, Wunderlich)


  • Center Stand Protection Plate (Hauptständerschutzplatte, Wunderlich)Hauptständerschutzplatte
  • Side Covers (Seitendeckelsatz Titan-Silber, Wunderlich)

Seitendeckelsatz Titan-Silber

  • Hub Cover Tornado (Nabenabdeckung Wunderlich)

Hub Cover Tornado

  • Quick release handlebars (Lenker Schenllverschluss, Wunderlich)
  • Sidestand Enlarger (Seitenständer-Auflagevergrößerung, Wunderlich)Seitenständer-Auflagevergrößerung*
  • CruiseControl (Wunderlich)

Cruise Control, Aluminium silber eloxiert

  • Injection Cover (Abdeckung Einspritzanlage, Satz, silber, Wunderlich)Abdeckung Einspritzanlage, Satz, silber
  • Aluminium cover instead of rearfender (Alu-Abeckung statt Hinterradfender, Wunderlich)

06-03-2011 10-29-31

  • Brake fluid reservoir guard front (Touratech)

  • Clutch reservoir guard (Touratech)

  • Frame protectors, silver (Touratech)

  • ZEGA PRO pannier lid bag x 2 (Touratech)

  • Holder for 2-litres canister, stainless steel x 2 (Touratech)image
  • Canister 2 litre x 2 (Touratech)image
  • Anti-glare shield (Touratech)

  • Headlight cover makrolon (Touratech)

  • Luggage rack instead of pillion seat (Touratech)


  • Engine Skid Plate Mark 4 (BestRest Products)

  • Peg Packer 1-gallon Unit x 2 (BestRest Products)

  • CyclePump Adventure Combo Package (BestRest Products)

  • Spare Oil Bottle (Nippy Normans)


  • Adventure Light Bar Kit (Cyclenutz)


  • 2 x Hella DE Premium Xenon (German Carparts GmbH)


  • 2 x Light Guard for Hella lights (HID50)


  • Front brake line protector – Bremsleitungsschutz vorne (Wunderlich)


  • Steering stop – Lenkanschlagbegrenzung (Wunderlich)

8500108_kl 8500108

  • Handlebar cross-bar (BMW)


  • Handlebar protection (BMW)


  • Odyssey PC535 (Wunderlich)


  • RM2 Steering Damper (Ralle Moto)

  • The BMW R1200 GS Mechatronics by Öhlins

And here are links to sites where all of above has been purchased: