Summer of 2014, Preparations

Days until this years big adventure starts: –9.f2518ff2748bb1aeacdbec982ff66760

Almost all needed gears found, one or two minor ones still hiding somewhere.

Yesterday cleaned and verified that my water filter works. I have been using this now two years and continue to use as well. Much cheaper to get clean water with this from almost anywhere than buying bottled water.

Route preparations ongoing as well, but final route will be decided day by day. Ideally will spend On The Road driving 10-12 hours per each day. On the way down I will take one or two days with less hours, mileage is not the target.

I have also gathered few interesting scenic routes that I will try to drive through, also thinking again gravel roads on the Alps. Those back in 2012 where *really* interesting.

Verman-rela_chew-lemon_1This week I will start taking ‘lactic acid bacteria’/maitohappobakteeri –tablets again. These have proven their strength in all of my previous trips, no issues with stomach at all.

During the next weekend is bike maintenance (mainly just general inspection, cleaning and changing tires) and on Monday one final BMW recall to fix fuel line issue found on quite a number of BMW motorbikes.

Have also finally found some time to drive with my GSA and got quite used to it. Starting to feel my kind of bike again after driving so much with these bigger and smaller other options I have.