Plan for the Summer of 2017

I have been throwing ideas in the air now for few months that what the coming summer would bring everything from Dakar, Spain, Balkans, Central Asia to Bali and after yesterday I think the decision has now been formulated.

First things first:

  • Estonia Winter Rally 3.3. – 5.3.2017. Just a short break to Estonia and back with GSA
  • ‘Etelä-Suomen Ruosteenpoisto’ 12.5. – 14.5.2017. This is THE trip to Estonia (again!) with KTM 500 EXC just for fun
  • DNNConnect in Spain 25.5. – 28.5.2017. For this I will make a bit more detailed plan, but looks like I’m going through Russia and Ukraine on the way and then head pretty much straight to back as I need to be on following weekend back in Finland.

This years main motorcycle event will be Trip to the  Balkans.


Need to see if I just take a fast transit to the area and then start slowly discovering my way through the countries via small and smaller roads. Might be that I even stay a bit longer at once place and ride with an empty bike around the area somewhere. Also have to find a place for some family vacation, this needs even more careful planning…

Have already lots of places listed from earlier trips what to see in Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Timeframe for Trip to the  Balkans is right after Finnish midsummer and ending end of July/early August.

So let the planning begin for the Balkans!