Day 04: Towards Austria

Day started already quite early with planning for the coming day and then breakfast which was quite ok in this premium business hotel Bratislava. All the usual stuff.

I also took the motorbike out from garage into hotel doorsteps for easier loading.

At 8:40 I was on the road again to selected smaller mountain roads and some bigger passes.

On the Austrian border there was some detour already waiting, road on this smaller road I had selected was closed and due to this I also decided to select a bit different route which brought me into even smaller roads than originally planned.

Some 100 km from the border was a bit boring ride through villages and small towns, but eventually started the smaller mountain roads which turned out to be just perfect. Lots of motorbikes on these roads as well and I can highly recommend these.


Some smaller and bigger passes on the way as well.


My target for the day was to arrive in Gasthof Hochalmspitze which is a biker hotel in Austria. Just by accident found this by searching place to stay on this area and there was mentioning about this on UKGS forum so decided to give it a try.


Bike parked in front of the guest rooms and tire check.

Place had lots of other bikers as well, chatted for a while with with them and with the owner, dinner and I was pretty much done for the day again.

I arrived there after driving a bit over 8 hours and 481 km, had one stop after 300 km and second one just before the hotel to refuel. All in all, I was in biker heaven on this day, roads were totally amazing coupled with some special routes which took me away from the main road.


Total for the trip is now 2482 km.