Day 14: Towards Final Destination Buġibba, Malta

Believe it or not, but as I went downstairs to get breakfast as agreed 08:30 in Hotel Siciania, it was already there waiting for me.


Just enough to get me started.

By 09:00 I was all set to go, hotel room paid and bike packed again.

I had planned an easy route – or so I though – to get to the next ferry towards Malta. At some point of the route I went into shortcut which got me again into very small roads with bad asphalt and partly gravel as well.


On the way saw also Italian Waste Management in practice, all domestic waste just by the road and burning there. By the looks of it, this has been habit there for a quite long time and it was not the only place where I saw this.


But eventually I got into Pozzallo port and waited for check-in to start.


Once check-in was done, next was to move to different gate some 100 meters away to wait again.


And some ticket and identity check to happen.


Of course as I was in Italy, this all just cannot happen on one place, but on three separate places…

Bike was carefully secured in a special place for the bikes, have not this in use anywhere else I have taken the ferry.


Once ferry took off, it was only 1:45 and we arrived in Malta. Very quick journey.


As Malta has left hand traffic, I needed some convincing on how this works so I decided to let some cars to go first and just followed those. After some kilometers I got used to it and just drove to the apartment I had reserved.

I arrived there an day earlier as reserved, but as the apartment in Buġibba was free, they let me in which was a lot easier for me.

Bike parked just in front of the apartment building, usual walk around the area to find food and day was done.


Here we will be staying for a next week, Anne and Max will arrive tomorrow.

This day’s driving was 193 km in 3 hours.


Total for the trip is now 5077 km.