Hotel Prices in Finland are just Ridiculous

When looking at Hotel Price Index and it’s numbers from Finland I cannot stop wondering how these all can be so expensive? And all of these very much on same level?

  • Helsinki: 114€
  • Jyväskylä: 105€
  • Oulu: 106€
  • Turku: 110€
  • Vaasa: 110€
  • Maarianhamina: 134€
  • Rovaniemi: 107€
  • Lahti: 85€

During my travels across Europe I have always found cheaper options even in bigger cities. This year’s trip to Malta average price per night on hotels was 44€ and all of them included breakfast, some of them even for two especially on the way back when Max was with me.

In Finland you cannot really travel this cheap and lucky for me I’m not doing that! And not planning to do that either, not with these prices on the table.

Even going to Tallinn will drop the prices back to _normal_ level where one can easily find a place to sleep with 25€ and when paying 10€-15€ more breakfast is also included.

In Helsinki cheapest option today is 79,90€ per night without breakfast in some really crappy place. With this price you should get really nice hotel with good location. But not in Finland. Only two options are below 100€.

Not good.

Something good on these prices: In the past prices in Finland were usually per person per night, now it seems that prices are per room per night as it is everywhere else in the world.

And of course there are still exceptions into this as in this place. Why it is so complicated to price the room and not the person!?

Something is really wrong with these places in Finland and how they are being overpriced.